What’s brewing in the Malaysian palm oil scene? – Part 1


IPOM has been informed by our trusted sources that representatives of the Rajawali Group which is controlled by Indonesian Chinese tycoon Peter Sondakh and representatives of PT GAMA Plantation, owned by another Indonesian Chinese tycoon, Martua Sitorus have met with a local Malay owned conglomerate (not Felda) sometime last week.


The meeting took place in a leading 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Also present was a prominent banker who specialises in debt financing in Asia.


It was indeed a very interesting mix of personalities. The deal, should it become a reality, will no doubt cause waves in the Malaysian market.


While IPOM has been made aware of the nature of the said meeting, we will not yet reveal too much so as to allow for the relevant parties to negotiate a deal without public scrutiny.


Stay tuned for further updates on this very interesting deal….and who are the key players.


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